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Going Just .01 Faster

Who pushes you to go just a little bit faster than you tell yourself you can handle? Just a little bit farther than you think you can go? Who in your world points out when you’re making excuses or telling yourself stories about why you can’t do something?

Yep – here’s another workout comparison/lesson.

I met a woman at the Orange Theory Fitness I go to. We have gotten in the habit of picking exercise stations next to each other. 

As we were on the treadmills the other day she saw the speed I had chosen for our “45 second all-out” and told me to bump it up. 

I started to respond to her about why I couldn’t do what she had suggested. Ready for this……. It had to do with making sure the different phases of my treadmill workout were evenly spaced from each other. 

Seriously? Even as it came out of my mouth I was struck by how ridiculous a story it was! I wasn’t going to try harder in my workout so that the numbers on the treadmill were evenly spaced!?!?!?

Ok, yes I have a bit of “even numbers, evenly spaced” OCD that shows up now and then but it’s not to any level I can’t just ignore. I’m lucky that it’s just a tendency and not a true disorder.

But for that brief moment, I was not even considering trying harder or going faster. For absolutely no good reason.

Of course, being the made-for-TV-movie type of story this is, I of course not just bumped up that particular speed, but also the speeds for the rest of my workout. I ended up maxing out at a speed I haven’t been able to reach since coming back from an injury!

Do you have someone like that in your life?

Someone who looks at you and just knows you can do more even when you’re telling yourself you can’t – and especially when it’s not even with a good excuse.

I try to go to at least a few entrepreneur events a year. I love being in a room full of people who don’t expect me to justify why I am going after something bigger. Why I’m doing things that scare me in order to achieve more. Why I’m putting myself out there in ways where I can fail hard.

I also make sure I have those people around me daily.

It’s hard enough to be an entrepreneur. If you’re constantly having to explain to people why you even want to give it a try, well then you’re just doubling down on the level of difficulty you have to overcome.

If you know you need more people in your life to push you just that little bit faster and hold you to what you feel in your gut you can achieve (even when everything seems to be pointing in the opposite direction) then come join us!


I LOVE nothing more than helping people achieve more and I surround myself with people who do so.

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