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About Erin Marcus

Hi, I’m Erin Marcus, Founder & CEO of Conquer Your Business.

I help service professionals and entrepreneurs save time and make more money by learning how to Be In Charge, Take Action and Get Results!

I have been mentoring, training, teaching and coaching for more than twenty years. I love helping people take action they didn’t think possible, do things they didn’t think they could do and succeed beyond what they dared to dream.

Earning My Stripes

Sitting back and waiting to see what happens is not an option.

This puts you in a reactionary mode – cause shit will happen. The question is are you prepared for the things that are GOING to happen and are you in charge of your response?

I am a product of the Chicago Public School system. I even showed up to class sometimes. SOMETIMES. I learned early to work the system, test out of classes quickly instead of sitting through things that didn’t engage me.

I won’t tell you all that I did with my extra teenage hours but let’s just say…they were well used!

At Illinois State I went for a degree in journalism and the gift was that I learned not only to talk, but more importantly how to listen. I worked for 3 different papers while I went to school. I put my drive and decidedly short attention span to work and stayed in constant motion.

I took that shiny journalism degree and…did a bunch of stuff that had nothing to do with journalism. I would take a new job, accelerate to the top, get bored and move to the next thing.

Luckily for me I found an amazing company that provided me with incredible experiences, flexibility within their framework and an unbelievable hands on education that has continued to open doors and opportunities for me. Leaving there was hard but I knew I needed to create something of my own and proud the relationships I created in those years remain some of my biggest supporters.

In 2012 I opened a franchise and built one of the company’s most successful offices in less than 18 months. The corporate office pulled me in and had me training the other franchisees.

I used to wonder what this crazy wide variety of experiences would lead me to. I have to say my mom was always a little nervous about this pattern of starting an adventure, running to the top, and then looking for the next challenge/opportunity.

Evidently I was just absolutely born to be an ENTREPRENEUR!

What those experiences taught me is that asking questions and being wildly curious are major keys to success. I have no problem asking questions about what I don’t know. It doesn’t make you look stupid, it gets you answers.

About Erin

Today I am a powerlifter, animal activist, tattoo enthusiast and 5 ft badass.

These things all have the same foundation – being intentional. Flailing gets you nowhere. When you communicate with intent, are confident in where you’re going and what the goal is, and put your fear behind you something shifts. You begin to be purposeful.

My biggest motivation is seeing my clients close big sales, smash their goals, and move confidently into their success!

As a fellow entrepreneur, I have been through the struggles and I am not going to placate my clients with warm and fuzzy when I could be giving them real world insights and tools that will make an impact.

Are you ready to earn your tiger stripes?

Are you ready to conquer your business?

Work with Erin Marcus and earn your tiger stripes! Be forewarned – you must be ready to dig in, do the work, and create lasting change.

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