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Create More Sales Calls Success

You want higher conversions and more clients, right? You’re definitely not alone here. So many clients come to me with the question on how to draw in more of their clients.
create more sales calls success

Create More Sales Calls Success

Trust me when I say, you’re going to want to bookmark this one so you can come back over and over again (it’s just that good).
Let’s dive right into – you want higher conversions and more clients, right? You’re definitely not alone here. So many clients come to me with the question on how to draw in more of their clients.
Let’s get to it.

3 Questions To Ask In A Sales Convo

Look, sales don’t have to feel gross. You can generate real, trusting relationships as a sales professional with your potential clients without all the snakeoil (I won’t go down that analogy again, but it was a good one over in my last article.
When a client comes to you, they’re in need of what you do, but the thing that really captures them are the RESULTS you provide. 
Instead of pushing just to get the sale (like we’ve been taught to do in the past), you need to start thinking about how you can keep your clients for the long-term. 
By asking these 3 questions, you are focusing on the needs of your potential customers and how you can provide a solution to their problem. They will appreciate your concern for serving them.
1. What are you struggling with? 
Discover the problem they’re currently having so you can better understand their worry or concern. This helps to set the stage for you to be able to show up more meaningfully to the conversation or refer the person to someone who’s a better fit, if you’re not.
2. What is your overall goal? 
What results do they want to see? Find out what the big picture is for them and encourage them to dive deep. Wanting “a million dollars” in your business is too open ended and not intentional enough, but when we lead with intentional action, we’re more likely to succeed.
3. Why now, why me? 
Ask them why they are coming to you. This lets them tell you they trust you AND convince themselves why you’re the perfect fit to support them.

How To Get Over The Fear Of Sales Calls

I get that sales are not everyone’s favorite. There’s a lot of pressure to impress your potential clients, especially if you’re just starting out in your business, but I can’t give you one special potion that can zap your fear away. 
As I have told every client who has worked with me, “action cures fear”. 
Not just action, but intentional action. Action that moves the need towards building connections with your audience, confidence in your offers, and reaching your business goals. Overcoming the fear of sales calls becomes natural as you build rapport with your future client during the 3 questions phase of your conversation.

Confidence is KEY!

When it comes to sales, confidence plays a big role. When you hop on a sales call, those listening in can hear and feel your energy. If you’re not 100% confident in your offer, then you might not get the results you were hoping for. 
But wait, before you get ahead (I can see the sweat beads forming), don’t get confidence confused with older sales tactics…You know the ones – pushy, overly sleazy, and slick. Just because you’re confident in what you have to provide doesn’t mean you have to do sales a certain way. 
In fact, I’m teaching a better way to do sales, one that feels more natural and comfortable for both you and your potential clients. I’ve got a few more spots open for the Conquer Your Business: Entrepreneur Accelerator, where I’ll give you the tools and structure for jumping on those sales calls with confidence.

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