Finding Clarity For Your Business

You know the importance of having clarity in business, and you’ve tried everything you can think of to find it but you’re stuck in this cycle of not knowing where to go next.
finding clarity

Finding Clarity For Your Business

Finding Clarity For Your Business

Hands up if you’ve found yourself wondering how to find clarity right now in your business? When it comes to finding clarity in business it can often feel as elusive as that needle in a haystack analogy.
You know the importance of having clarity in business, and you’ve tried everything you can think of to find it but you’re stuck in this cycle of not knowing where to go next. There’s nothing more frustrating than having the energy and intention to make big moves in your business, only to realize you have no idea which direction to move in or how many steps it’ll take to make forward progress.
Next thing you know, instead of moving forward, you’re left paralyzed and unable to make heads or tails of, well, anything in your business. 
So you end up in this cycle of reacting. And let’s just be real here, good things rarely come from reactivity when it comes to running our business, and the more we can strategize and be PROACTIVE, the easier business gets to be.
If you’ve ever wondered what stops business growth, it’s this right here. Lack of clarity and a cycle of reacting rather than running a smooth ship.
That’s why I created the Forward Momentum Method – a customized approach to uncovering where you’re stuck and what needs to happen next to get unstuck. While we’ll be diving into all the details as part of a live event (you can click here to learn more), I wanted to take a moment today to give you a little taste of what to expect. 

How To Find Clarity For Your Business

Before we begin the process of finding clarity in your business, I want you to first take a moment to identify what it is you’re seeking clarity on. Grab a sheet of paper and journal if you need to, but really focus on the items you’re wanting clarity on the MOST in your business. As you journal, you may find more than one item, task, project, or even offer pops up, and that’s perfectly OK. Keep going and jot down as many as you can that pop up for you. 
Next, write down everything you WANT in your business – things you want to do, things you want to achieve, things you want to implement – write it all down. As you write these out, take a moment to jot down what you need to do in order to make these Wants a reality. And don’t forget to keep in mind all the items you jotted down initially of items you’re seeking clarity on – how many Wants come up with each of these items? 
For example, if you wrote down that you want clarity on an upcoming launch for a new course you’re developing, that list of Wants could include wanting a new course platform, wanting to rebrand, wanting to re-record all the content, or even wanting to update the content to include new information.

The 3 Main Stages Of Clarity

Once you’ve got a solid understanding of what you really want and what you have to do to get there, the next step is to recognize the stage we’re in. 
You don’t know how to do it… let’s narrow this down a bit further. Is this something that NEEDS to be done? If so, are you the person that needs to do it, or is outsourcing an option? In many cases, these tasks we don’t know how to do but know they need to be done, an expert stepping in can make all the difference.
You know what to do but aren’t doing “it”… And maybe you don’t even want to do it. Or maybe the thought of doing it terrifies you in some way, from rejection to failure. In this stage there’s often a ton of questions we need to address first to figure out our next move and how we can break through the roadblocks in our way.
When you know what you need to be doing in your business but aren’t doing it, there’s a chance you’re in one of three stages…
1️⃣ Dread – the thought of doing it just leaves you with a big sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. You may want to pull back on something, but the thought of not having enough or even losing has you in this cycle of repeat, even when you know it’s not helping move you forward.
2️⃣ Eye-Rolling – Picture that edgy teen that rolls their eyes when mom tells them to go do their homework. They know they need to do it, they know they’re fully capable of doing it, but at that moment it’s the last thing they want to be doing. Fact is, they just don’t want to be doing it.
3️⃣ Fear – Too often we end up telling ourselves stories of worst case scenarios, and the fear of these scenarios possibly happening freezes us in our steps. We’re afraid to mess up. We’re afraid it won’t be received well. We’re afraid we’re not good enough. But all of these are just stories.
You’re doing “it”! Hurray! This one is worthy of celebrating! But, if you’re finding that it’s taking too much of your time to do it or you know there’s a more efficient way of doing it, then it’s time we have a deeper look at this to see where improvements can be made.

Are You Ready Yet To Find Clarity For Your Business?

In all three of these stages, the questions you ask, how you approach the solution, and the belief shifts you make are all key to helping you finally break free of the stagnancy and into action. If you’re on the edge of your seat ready to do so, then click this link and register for the Forward Momentum Method Live Event. Let’s make it happen!

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