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Are You Ready?

May 6-8, 2021 

Early Bird Admission Available NOW for this Once in a Life Time Virtual Experience!

Are You Ready?

To Make Six Figures? No….how about SEVEN Figures in your business?

To Be Crazy Successful? Instead of letting your business drive you crazy.

To Live The Version Of Your Life You Should Be Living? RIGHT NOW!

You Heard Me.

Not Tomorrow...NOW!

This is NOT Another 3-Day Seminar. 

It’s A Transformation And Action Plan For The Rest Of Your Life. 

Ready To Conquer

A 3-Day Virtual Event For REAL Achievers

May 6-8, 2021

You’re done. That’s it. Say goodbye to the old version of you. It had a good run. But the NEW You awaits. And you can learn how to become that extraordinarily awesome version of You in just 3 days’ time. 

3 Days…Think About That

3 Days. That could be all that separates you from moving forward and never looking back!

Ready To Conquer, Erin Marcus’ virtual 3-Day experience, will excite you in a way you never dreamed of, with a cut-to-the-chase, no-holds-barred, let’s-throw-down-the-gauntlet-and-freakin’-do-this-thing approach to stepping up. We’re talking 3 packed days that provide you with real, tangible Action Steps you can use as a system well beyond the event. 

On our time together, you’re going to learn how to:

The Business You Want To Run.

The Life You Want To Live. 

The Person You Were Born To Be. 

How Far Are You From Here To There?

Just 3 Days.

“READY TO CONQUER” with Erin Marcus

3 Days Of Exhilarating Energy And Momentum For Growth On Your Terms

May 6-8, 2021

Think about it. 3 days between present You and future You. Three days to change your perspective on your business and life forever

Join me for “Ready To Conquer,” the unforgettable 3-day virtual event that gives you the tools to mobilize your dreams into plans and plans into actions.

Take a closer look at the full slate of transformation we’ve got in store for you each day:

Day One: Breaking The Bonds And Powering Up Your Dream:

Learn how to set yourself up for proper and planned success. As you begin to understand what’s fully possible for your dream to become reality, you’ll feel the excitement for what your world can truly become sooner rather than later.

You’ll discover what you need to do to move into a new mode as business owner and what’s essential for getting you working on the business at a high level – exactly where it needs you most.

Day Two: Busting The Obstacles And Embracing the Opportunity:

Pinpoint what obstacles lie in your path and where the voices of “why it won’t work” are coming from. Buckle up, because we’re about to encounter some radical but invigorating change for your belief structure so that what you expect to happen WILL actually happen.

Embrace how to stop self-sabotaging yourself (even when you don’t think you’re doing it) and replace what is holding you back with new actions that move you forward. 

Day Three: Putting it All Together And Building A Life You’re Proud Of:

On Day Three of Ready To Conquer, Erin will open your mind to not only saying but doing more of the things outside of work that bring you joy. By the end of this day, you will be focused on the immediate steps for turning “I could never do that” into “I’m doing this! I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

No more watching someone else leverage their strengths and capitalize on their dreams.

Now It's YOUR Turn!!

This 3-Day Experience is for you if……

  • You are ready to learn how to achieve goals instead of just setting them. 
  • You are experiencing some success but are ready to be wildly successful.  
  • You work hard but your efforts are not quite working like you hoped. 
  • You find yourself wondering if owning a business is always going to be this hard.

You are Ready to Conquer!

*Upgrade to VIP on any package for an additional $97*

VIP Includes:

Private Additional Coaching 

Q&A After Hours Opportunity on the 6th & 7th

Surprise Gift!! 

About Erin Marcus


Erin is an award-winning business owner, international speaker, author, and consultant, who has been creating business successes for more than 20 years. 

Her vast corporate experience combined with her MBA business savvy, and street-smart upbringing have Erin working with clients at the intersection where magnetic marketing and actionable strategy meet the mindset. Work needed to bust through obstacles and maintain the motivation to take quantum leaps forward.

Erin has spoken for top organizations such as, Highland Capital Brokerage, Thrivent Financial, Women’s Council of Realtors and US Bank, just to name a few. She is also the host of the Ready Yet? Podcast sharing stories of success and inspiration all focused on the fact that you’ll never do what it takes until you become the person it takes to do it.


There’s no better time than now to be Ready To Conquer.

Let’s do this!

May 6th-8th, 2021

 3-Day Virtual Ready to Conquer Experience


*Upgrade to VIP on any package for an additional $97*

VIP Includes:

Private Additional Coaching 

Q&A After Hours Opportunity on the 6th & 7th

Surprise Gift!! 

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