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Erin Marcus has never settled for the 'pure survival' mode of doing business, and neither should you.

Erin is a Chicago business consulting specialist that offers a unique approach that enables you to triple your business in just a few months. Erin will bring you into an entirely new way of succeeding in business through her workshops and training programs, giving you the foundations of success in a way that is unique to you-and immediately actionable.

If you are looking for a driven business consultant and knowledgeable development advisor in the Chicago area, Erin Marcus is who you want in your corner. Join her on a journey to reach professional heights you never thought possible and have a blast doing it!

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Looking for more support and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs dedicated to creating a business and a life they’re proud of? The Conquer Your Business Community is the place to be for support, community, and accountability as you work on letting go of the struggles you’ve experienced running your business, and focus on moving into success. 

As a member of the Conquer Your Business community, you gain exclusive access to our monthly events: 

In addition to these complimentary events, you can meet other like-minded entrepreneurs and discover what your business and your life could look like from consistently being in charge, taking action, and getting the results you want. 

Erin Marcus has never settled for the ‘pure survival’ mode of doing business, and neither should you. She has been propelling professionals & entrepreneurs forward & empowering them to have more time & money for more than 20 years by showing people how to excitedly take actions that they didn’t even know were possible. 

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"I would never have been able to get as far as I have, at the quality level that I have, without Erin."
"Everything she does inspires me to be a stronger business owner and fires me up to do new and fun things. I can feel things changing around me!"
"I loved Erin’s workshop! It was a great atmosphere with many real-life experiences shared by Erin and people in the audience. The content was informative, relatable, and fun. Everything could be applied to multiple business situations and personal situations too!"
Amy Clark
Amy Clark
Community Engagement Leader
"Last year I attended an event in which Erin Marcus was a speaker. Erin was professional, funny, and very informative. I took a whole page of notes based on her talk. She understands the nuances and emotional issues that are part of any discussion. I recommend her without hesitation."

Are you ready to conquer your business?

Work with Erin Marcus and earn your tiger stripes! Be forewarned – you must be ready to dig in, do the work, and create lasting change.

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