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Episode 24 Interview with Anna Krolikowska: What If It Goes Wrong? But What If It Goes Right?

Sometimes you don’t think that you’re Ready Yet!?  But a lot of those times the folks around you already know you are! When Anna Krolikowska decided to put aside her own hesitations and listen to those encouraging voices, the result is ending up as the President Elect of the Illinois Bar Association…

Episode 23 Interview with LoriAnne Reeves: Do The Work! No Excuses

A lot of people will tell you that they work on building their business and helping their clients. But truthfully, there is working on your business and then working on your business absolutely no matter what, no excuses, nothing is going to stop you! My guest today, LoriAnne Reeves, falls squarely and strongly into that second category.  It’s what drew me to her and what I know will impress and inspire you as well. And that is all before we even get to what you can learn from her extensive business-building experience!

Episode 22 Interview with Robb Zbierski: "I Can Help This Lady"

What happens when you have a belief you can help people, but have no plan yet on how to do it?  EVERYTHING if you stay open to opportunity. Not only is that what Robb Z did for himself after leaving a position in a company he fought hard to reach, to join a new business, but it’s also what he did for me when he said yes to being my coach – even though he wasn’t coaching at the time! Listen to this conversation and then ask yourself what would be possible for you if you said yes and stayed open to possibilities.

Episode 21 Interview with Allison Williams: "I Worked So Hard To Craft The Perfect, Authentic Version Of Myself”

Every now and then you meet someone who helps you finally articulate something you’ve been feeling but couldn’t quite figure out. Today’s guest, Allison Williams, has done that for me in a profound way. I really only knew two things about Allison before this conversation. One, she was a lawyer from the east coast. And two, she was unabashedly herself – which is not the stereotypical image of an east coast lawyer….

Episode 20 Interview with Chris Johnson: Get The Best People In The Room

It’s a different level of understanding about what is possible when you foster the right relationships that sets this week’s guest, Chris Johnson, apart. The co-creator of a fast-growing networking group, Chris sees first hand the magic that can be created when networking is done with the right attitude. You have to love a group whose motto is “no jerks allowed!” This conversation will give you some great insight as to how you should be approaching your own networking efforts!

Episode 19 Interview with Diana Stelin: Proving Them Wrong - Even If It Takes Decades

So many of us have incidents in our lives where one person says one thing to us and it affects our entire life trajectory. Sometimes these incidents propel us forward, but all too often, they derail all our efforts. Isn’t that crazy? Letting one person say one thing and boom – we stop! Well, I am honored to say that I was there to witness the moment when my friend, Diana Stelin, took back the truth over who she is and what she can do and decided to launch her own fashion line…

Episode 18: What Risk Are You Willing To Take?

If you haven’t caught on already, Allison and I are very different people 🙂  That’s what makes this conversation so interesting. Join us for a session on what risks are we willing to take as we both work to make the most of our lives.

Episode 17: What Have You Learned In 2020?

We can all agree that 2020 didn’t quite turn out in any way, shape or form how anybody would have wanted or even ever been able to predict. And while there might be a lot to be able to complain about and be sad about, let’s take a moment to focus on what we have learned in the process. Growth is always in the challenge.

Episode 16 Interview with Katia Rave: "My Failure Put Me Where I Am Today"

Every time I talk to Katia Rave I learn more and more amazing things about her. Like seriously, how does one person have so many amazing experiences?  But instead of telling me all about those experiences, Katia would rather embrace everything she has done wrong and failed at, because it helped completely propel her forward. No excuses. No apologies. Just an unabashed zest for more life and providing more service. Oh, that and some time on the beach 🙂

Episode 15 Interview with Erin Duffy: When What You Never Imagined Turns Out to be Your Perfect Ideal

Erin Duffy never thought she would leave her successful career in the marketing world of Silicon Valley. But then things happen and thoughts change and before you know it, the stars align in ways you never even imagined. Join my conversation with Erin to learn how to become the person who embraces change and opportunity – even when you weren’t really sure why you were looking for it!

Episode 14 Interview with Shaneh Woods: "I Love the Magic!"

Can music save your life? Today’s guest, Shaneh Woods, thinks it can. And after you hear her story you’re going to absolutely agree with her! Try to wrap your head around the idea of losing not just your million-dollar accounting business, but almost your life.  Then, coming out the other side of that journey the happiest you have ever been. Welcome to Shaneh’s World! 

Episode 13 Interview with Vickie Griffith: From "Shy, Fat, Unhappy Teenage" to an Absolute Inspiration!E

This episode is for all of the folks out there who have struggled with their weight, not just in “wanting to lose a few pounds” way, but in an “affecting every part of your life and your self identity” way. After just not being able to take it anymore, Vickie Griffith has found a way through to a new way of healthy living that absolutely certainly does not involve suffering! I can’t wait for you to hear her story!

Episode 12 When You're Ready! Series: Expectations, with Erin and Allison

Join me for this mini episode where I discuss “expectations” with Allison, from the Conquer Your Business team.  What was expected of us when we grew up?  Which expectations were real, and which were stories that we made up ourselves?  

Episode 11 Interview with Tish Times: "OMG, I'm a Hypocrite"

If you’re looking for a no holds barred conversation on life before embracing just being yourself….and then after finally accepting and embracing yourself, then you’re going to love hearing from Tish Times. Join in to learn about how the stories of what we are supposed to be and do that are told to us since childhood can inadvertently send us down the wrong path. And also what is possible once we figure out the right path!

Episode 10 Interview with Erin Diehl: How Do You Respond to the Weight of the Responsibility? It's Up to You!

You absolutely have to love a woman who practically launched her business on a dare and regularly celebrates failure! As the founder of Improve It! Erin Diehl specializes in using improvisational training to improve employee performance in more categories than you would think possible. Talk about being an expert in helping folks get out of their own way! And if that weren’t enough, her podcast, Failed It! continues down the path of the benefits of not taking ourselves too seriously and understanding that you must fail in order to improve.

Episode 9 Interview with Amber Griffiths: Who Wants to be a Rockstar? I Want to be a Rockstar!

Raise your hand if you want to BE A LEGEND!!! Well today’s guest, Amber Griffiths is all about creating legends. And if you’re going to put a claim out into the world that you can help folks become a legend, well then you can imagine what her own personal journey must have been like to get to that point! If you are wanting some inspiration on how to wholeheartedly embrace being authentically you – and why you absolutely need to do that – this is the episode for you.

Episode 8 Interview with Amira Alvarez: Welcome to the Voice in My Head

Today is a special treat for me, as I’m joined by Amira Alvarez.  I could go on and on about what Amira has done for me, but instead let me tell you what she hasn’t done…

She hasn’t bought into any of my reasons for wanting to limit myself. She hasn’t faltered in her belief of what I’m capable of doing especially when I have no idea why she believes it. She hasn’t stopped pushing me to better my best at every turn possible.

And above all – she has never given up on me or let me give up on myself. Learning what Amira has to teach has opened up an entirely new world to me and I’m excited to give you a little taste of that as well!

Episode 7 Interview with Dana Michelle: Ask for The Support You Need...and Give It to Others

I seriously can’t even tell you how excited I am for today’s guest, Dana Michelle! Ever get one of those passing instances when somebody says to you, “hey you would be really good at this”? Well most people unfortunately ignore those comments. Not Dana! She turned a compliment and suggestion from a podcast producer into becoming an Internet talk show host, and a television host for now TWO shows. 

I can absolutely tell you that she is just getting started! Want to know what it takes to be the person who takes action and makes things happen? Then this is the episode for you! 

Episode 6 Interview with Erin & Allison: When You're Ready! Series: Leaving Corporate

I paced up and back in the hallway for at least two hours. I offered a coworker a hundred dollars if he would just do it for me. The day I left a job I was good at, with people I loved working with, to go off and do my own thing was one of the most exciting and terrifying days of my life. What in the world was I thinking? Why did I know I needed to do it and how did I make it work? For all you successful corporate people out there dreaming of owning your own business – this episode is for you!

Episode 5 Interview with Dan Gershenson: Stop Pitching to People and Have A Conversation

Today’s episode is a tip-filled visit with Dan Gershenson, CEO of Caliber Brand Strategy & Content Marketing and one of the best I’ve ever seen at building your business through the power of networking and authentic relationships. Not only does Dan share the type of tips and insights that has won him all sorts of industry awards and accolades, but also his very personal journey from the intense world of advertising and into finding his authentic place of service.

Episode 4 Interview with Jean Lavallie: "Mean Girls" Not Invited

When you see something you don’t like, change it! After feeling unwelcome and unwanted at networking events, Jean LaVallie stepped up (kinda accidentally) and started her own community, vowing to make the primary intention that all women feel welcome! That group has now grown to more than 20 chapters located across the United States, warmly welcoming thousands of entrepreneurial women. Join our conversation to learn how it happened, AND who Jean had to learn how to be to make her vision a reality.

Episode 3 Interview with Donna McPherson: The "Build It And They Will Come" Trap

People don’t get much more “real” than Donna McPherson! Seriously, she’s even written a book about it: “The Price of Fake is Real.”  When I first spoke with Donna and she shared her views on what is going on with entrepreneurs who learn how to make some money but still seem to all be broke, all I could do was yell, “YES! More of THAT!!!!”

Episode 2 Interview with Angela Valavanis: Take The Leap, Then Take The Next Leap

In this episode I talk to the incredible Angela Valavanis, owner of Creative Coworking, the Historic Colvin House and The Gallery…She has an absolutely amazing story of going from being an Executive Editor to not just self employed, but taking leap after leap into ever increasing new challenges that she turned into amazing opportunities…listen in as she shares how she did it!

Episode 1 Interview with David Fisher: From a Life Line to a Way of Life

Sometimes you meet someone that aligns so well with your thoughts and values that you know you can just talk to them forever. David Fisher is one of those people for me.

Listen in if you want the inside scoop on how to be the person you need to be to succeed from one of the best sales coaches I’ve met…

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