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Are You Finding Excuses or Finding a Way?

Let me share something with you: I never think that I won’t get the things I want. Now, I’ve always known I have to do the work to earn those things, and that they aren’t going to just be handed to me, but I never feel like I can’t get them. It’s just a little behind-the-scenes into my brain, but I’ve always been a person who would just find a way.

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Re-Engagement Steps to Turn Contacts Into Clients

Every part of building and growing your business requires thorough care, planning, and attention, and your networking is no exception. Entrepreneurs will often make the mistake of thinking that getting new clients is a two-step process: you meet somebody and they either instantly become a client, or they don’t.

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Planning Your Breakthrough Year

The new year is coming, along with our usual new year's resolutions. How many times have you added “make more money” to your list, but didn't follow through? Let's knock down the usual suspects that get in the way of success and have the breakthrough year you deserve.

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It’s Not What You Do, It’s Who You Need To Be

In the New Year, if you want new results, you need to take new actions — and as an entrepreneur, that begins with looking within and exploring who you are. When you start here, you realize success is about being the person you need to be, not about the things you do.

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Marketing Doesn’t Make You Money

Marketing is a big job that involves a lot of tasks that can keep a business owner busy. For most people, this busy work is their default comfort zone, but are these tasks helping your bottom line?

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