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Why Your Business Stopped Growing (and how to change that)

You’re an action-taker. That’s how you got to where you are now. You’re not afraid to take the steps needed to reach your goals. Today, I’m sharing some ways to go from just going through the motions of running your business to becoming the leader you need to be to cross the threshold.

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How to set healthy boundaries in your business

How to Set Healthy Boundaries in Your Business

Look, it’s not easy telling people no. You don’t want to come across as rude or inconsiderate. And you might think doing that extra task is no big deal. That they will really appreciate it. But, then it becomes another task. And another. Until you’re doing basically everything and anything under the sun when you didn’t sign up for that. 

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create more sales calls success

Create More Sales Calls Success

You want higher conversions and more clients, right? You’re definitely not alone here. So many clients come to me with the question on how to draw in more of their clients.

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pitching is out

Pitching Is Out

Gone are the days of the snake oil salesman peddling his products while standing on his soap box. Sure, there’s still traps out there just waiting to lure you in with pushy sales tactics and cheap promises - but as consumers, we’re far too smart for these nowadays and way less likely to fall for them.

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