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Brand Builder Summer Camp

Your business brand does not start and stop with a logo and a tagline.

Your logo and tagline are just the very tip of the iceberg that is branding your business. Unfortunately, that’s all so many programs talk about when teaching you how to build an in-demand brand. But there is way more to branding than what meets the eye! Your branding is in everything that you do, say, wear, post, write, and present to the world to increase awareness of your business.

That’s why we are excited for you to spend this summer elevating your branding in our Brand Building Summercamp!

Here’s what you’ll learn to do during the Brand Building Summercamp:

I know we make branding your business sound so easy and fun…and that’s because it can be! I mean, that’s why we are doing this over the summer! So that you can enjoy your cookouts, beach days, and long hours of sunlight and still make an incredible difference in the business you had when this year began, and the business you will have when this year ends!


We do know that things have seemed really hard lately. So many business owners who we’ve spoken to have shared that they feel defeated, stuck, exhausted, and even downright hopeless.


Wins that used to excite you make you wonder if running your business is always going to be this hard. This time-consuming. This soul-sucking.


Stuck in a cycle where you feel as if every sale just replaces a client who you’ve finished working with so you’re not actually scaling - you’re working this hard just to be able to stay put.


You feel like you’re already tapped out with hours in the day so how are you supposed to “grow” if it’s literally impossible to do MORE work.


Starting to think this isn’t worth it - settling for the life and income of a solopreneur instead of going for the biz you dreamed of. Or worse, going back to the 9-5 corporate grind.

All of us go through those emotions. It's OK.

The trick is to remember what you wanted when you started this journey in the first place and not let the negative moments stop you. And just so that you can cut yourself a little slack, let’s look at why so many entrepreneurs are feeling the same way. anyone there?

The marketplace is so saturated, so noisy, that it feels as though it’s impossible to break through and get your target audience’s attention. And even when you do, you’re worried your messaging is not compelling enough to really explain how you can help them.

Where are my people?

You feel like you’ve just been trying to sell your services to the same group of people over and over and over again and not really meeting any new prospects. And to be honest, you’re not entirely sure where to go to find “your people” or what to say to them once you meet them.

A constricting economy...

The economy has shifted and the reality is acquiring new clients is harder than it used to be. Everyone’s budget is tighter from inflation, and it is affecting every corner of the marketplace no matter what you sell.

i need something different

All of the training and advice you’ve received has been focused on “do this one thing” instead of digging into exactly who and what your business is, how you service clients, why you do it, and all of that unique information that helps create your own in-demand brand.

So, let's fix all of that this summer.

It’s time for some major spring cleaning on all of those negative feelings and tactics that aren’t working for you. We’ll toss it all out in the trash like all of those leaves and junk that blew into your yard all winter.

Erin Marcus


Let’s spend the summer creating opportunities that highlight your brilliance in a way that explicitly exhibits exactly how you make a difference for your clients so the right people step forward…. and by the time you talk to them about working with you, your sales conversations are confirmation conversations instead of “convince me” conversations.

And while we are at it, how about we teach you how to remove the friction from the sales process and create an environment where you invite people to work with you instead of feeling like you’re chasing them.

You will spend the summer working on how to:

It sounds like so much fun, and so do-able because IT IS. You don’t need to learn a million new things! We will work on taking some tried-and-true tactics, and then help you implement them with the help of people who successfully use them over and over in their own businesses.

What's Included?

Two-day virtual intensive June 8th & 9th where we will dive deep on:

Additional Trainings / Q&A / Implementation Accountability

Ongoing Support


A free ticket to one of our most sought after virtual events - Conquer Your Sales! to help you comfortably close your new leads.

Conquer Your Sales! Is all about:

Here's where we get really fortunate

There are a few things that make right now the perfect time to get your In-Demand Brand as dialed in as possible.

First, you may have heard me say this before as it’s one of my all-time favorite pieces of advice I’ve ever received: “Step on the gas when everybody else is stepping on the brakes.”

This does not mean not taking time to enjoy your summer. This does not mean not working 24/7. We already talked about how much we want you to attend your BBQs, take your kids to the pool, or spend long afternoons on your deck with a book and an icy beverage.

This means that when your competition is using summer as an excuse to do nothing……and only starts to put their effort back into their business once television starts promoting “back to school” specials, you’ll already have your entire business growth plan in place and up and running! The point of stepping on the gas when others step on the brakes is while they feel behind the eight-ball, you’re already off to the races!

Second, September starts what I call the “oh crap” season of business and goal achievement.
We start out the year with big dreams, goals, and new year’s resolutions, but before we even get our ball rolling, it’s spring break so we do just that – take a break. Then it’s summer and time for vacation. The next thing you know, it’s back to school and people start to realize they only have between Labor Day and a week or so after Thanksgiving – just two and a half months – to get done basically everything they had hoped to achieve the entire year!

This is why the fourth quarter is actually the best time for acquiring new clients. What if you could walk into that season with a more effective marketing strategy than ever before?

And finally, we are truly offering our Brand Builder Bootcamp Summercamp at a crazy low introductory rate.

We’re talking 30 percent savings from what it will cost in just a few short weeks!!

Seriously – this is probably the most accessible offer we’ve ever made!

If you know you’re ready to jump in...AND save almost 30%...CLICK HERE to register.

And because we want you to be comfortable and confident in your decision to join us, if you have any questions at all, CLICK HERE to send us an email.

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