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Branding Package

We create unique customized brands that attract clients with a compelling brand identity.

A high-level branding solution that will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace!

Our visuals are designed to make your business instantly recognizable in the marketplace, and represent how you want your clients to feel working with you.

Our Branding Process

Our Branding Work

Clean Jani - San Diego

We were tasked with creating a brand that would resonate with businesses in the San Diego area. This project included a logo and color scheme refresh, a new typography suite and a robust set of supporting graphics.

Kollektion - Calgary, AB

We created a brand for a mid-century modern furniture business. The brand reflects the colors and graphic styles typically used during this time period. 

Making Waves - Arcata, CA

We were tasked with creating a brand identity that reflected the physical location of the business, as well as the mission and vision, ensuring the create assets would engage their targeted audience.

Elevated Talent Consulting - Beloit, WI

We created a brand refresh including a brand style guide to keep the business’s team on brand on every platform.


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