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Business Growth Profiler

To get to where you want to go, you have to first know where you are!

Business Growth Profiler

Where are you?

Sure it’s great – and even important – to dream those dreams and create those visions of where you want to take your business. But dreams and visions don’t help you know what you need to do NOW to get to where you want to be.

Our Business Growth Profiler is designed to help you determine exactly what phase your business is currently in, so that you know where you need to focus and what you need to do to keep moving forward.

The Challenge

As businesses grow, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs often find themselves trying to cross the bridge that leads to becoming a true business owner.

Unfortunately, what we hope would feel like a nice quiet stroll across a beautiful stone bridge over a scenic babbling brook, ends up feeling more like the Indiana Jones bridge being held together by twine and rotting planks, with parts of it actually on fire. As the business founder, you’re holding on for dear life – and let’s face it, when you glance toward the other side, you’re pretty sure there’s a guy with a sword waiting to pull the whole thing down from underneath you.

So many times entrepreneurs give up and turn around, going back to the safety of where they started. But truthfully, what they’re really doing is settling for the business they think they can manage instead of the business they dreamed of having.

So why does this happen to even the most driven entrepreneurs?

The Solution

We’ve created this Business Growth Profile as a guide. It provides a way for you to know exactly what you need to be focused on in order to help you get over that bridge from the phase your business is currently in, and into the next phase.

Some things to keep in mind:

Business Growth Profiler

How it works

Businesses can be divided into three phases:


Which phase your business falls under for each category has less to do with how long you have been in business and more to do with how far developed your business is in that specific category. And it is normal to actually revert to an earlier phase in a particular category in certain circumstances, such when a new product is added, new team members are hired, or new marketing efforts are launched.

Business phases


The Launching phase is all about getting your ball rolling. It's about getting the basics down, getting clients, helping those clients, and learning how to make money. It’s also the phase where business owners figure things out.

The Leveraging phase is the point in business in which, as an individual, a cap has been reached on both your time and the income and you move out of trading dollars for hours. During this phase, you are leveraging your resources, which can include your time, your marketing, and your team.

The Leading phase is when the business is no longer dependent upon the business founder’s involvement in every aspect of day-to-day operations. The systems are in place, the people to support those systems are in place, and the analysis is in place so that adjustments can be made.

To get the best results from this guide, it is time for an honest conversation with yourself. We mentioned before this this is a judgment free activity for you to use to move to the next phase of business.

Go through the following categories and mark the phase that best describes the current status of your business.

Business Growth Profiler

What to do next

Understand that success is not a straight line. As a business owner, it’s much more likely for you to wiggle your way forward than it is to advance in great leaps, moving forward in one category a little bit and then catching up in another.

Review your chart to see where you need to focus:

Above all else, remember:

Do you understand what you are trying to achieve and how to get there? This tool was created to help you identify where you are now but that is only half the equation. You have to have an equally clear vision on what you are creating so that you can identify the exact steps to get you there. Reverse engineering everything can help you identify the steps, as you think backwards from where you want to go and where you are right now.

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