Stop wasting time and money on soon-to-be-obsolete one-size-fits-all tactics and learn how to create a client acquisitions system that grows and scales with your business.

Spend less time searching for clients and more time serving them!

Caitlin Penny

Since working with Conquer Your Business, Erin has helped me realized that I am a business owner and CEO. I am not a one-man show anymore. My income tripled in 18 months and now we are on track to double this year again.

Caitlin P.

Copper Theory Creative

You went into business to do the thing that the business does: to serve your clients.

And you’ve got that – you’re doing it! But somewhere along the way you’ve realized, in order to truly scale and hit the numbers you dreamed about, you’re going to have to learn to do a few things differently.

And one of the main things missing in even those businesses that are already earning multiple six figures is a predictable, consistent client acquisition system.

It’s time to stop just relying on the random acts of marketing that you’re able to fit into your schedule and the good name you’ve cultivated, and create an actual repeatable system with specific assets and activities that work together to attract and convert prospects into clients.

The best news is it really isn’t about “just work harder.”

Odds are you’re probably working too hard. Too hard to get each and every client. Too hard to turn their interest in you into working with you. And too hard for owning your own business to still be rewarding and fun.

Which of the following are you ready to be done with?

The biggest difference is being able to have a clear marketing message. Being able to communicate concisely what I do in result-oriented, emotional language made a huge difference. When you’re ready to let go of beating yourself up and ready to just uncover it and get down to the core, that’s when it’s the perfect time to work with Erin.

Heather S.


Imagine having a CLIENT ACQUISITION SYSTEM that creates:

A Predictable Pipeline

Sustainable Growth

Consistent Revenue


It’s about aligning your marketing, your sales, and your branding to assure everything is pointed in the same direction and working for you instead of against you.

Lead Generation Masterclass

join us in

A twelve-week hyper-focused program designed to walk you through creating the intentional client acquisition system your business needs to move into multiple six and seven figures.

Pat Miller

The thing that Erin gave me was product development. After our conversation we got two VIP groups up and running at a rate I didn’t think was possible and it’s really transformed the business. I’ve been able to invest in a new website, new graphics, marketing, team building, and take all of this capital and put it to work. It really started the ball rolling on the growth plan that I had for the overall business.

Pat M.

The Idea Collective

The Leveraged System

The Leveraged System is an actionable/maintainable structure that LEVERAGES time, technology, and team to become exponentially effective!

The Leveraged System
Leveraged Foundation Icon

Building A Solid Foundation

Leveraged Audience Icon

Growing & Attracting Your Audience

Leveraged Nurture Icon

Nurturing & Re-engaging Contacts

Leveraged Conversations Icon

Booking Conversations & Closing Clients

Leveraged Tracking Icon

Tracking Results & Tweaking Your System

This is NOT a one-size-fits-all / just do this one thing tactic that doesn’t work because it doesn’t take into account your business….your goals…your strengths.

Each weekly session will include:

This is about learning how to bring business owner strategies to your entrepreneurial mindset and walk you through creating your own unique client acquisition system.

As a BONUS for Joining us in LEVERAGED!

Access to the Conquer Success program along with TWO bonus open Q&A sessions. 


You will also receive an invitation to our full-day Conquer Your Sales virtual training.

Spend a full day learning how to put the conversation in your sales conversations with our 6-step process to effective sales conversations.

Who is LEVERAGED! perfect for?

If you are ready to learn how to:

Then LEVERAGED! Is right for you.

Nikki Lubing

One of the things that Erin has helped me do is that she challenged me to get out there in front of an audience. Now I'm doing a workshop at a homeschool convention that has 1000s of attendees. And I'm also getting on podcasts, just really getting myself out there in new and exciting ways. I always had those things in my mind, but Erin really helped me to take action

Nikki L.

Online Spanish Teacher

Showing people how to take action
they didn't think was possible

Your Facilitators

Erin Marcus

Erin is the chief strategist and thought leader behind not just her own success, but those she has been helping and advising throughout her 25 year career.

Andrea Elibero

Andrea Elibero is the COO & Client Success Specialist of Conquer Your Business. She ensures that all of the ducks are in a color-coded row so the entrepreneurs that we serve and our internal team have the best possible experience.

Kati Pauls

Kati specializes in combining intuitive branding with well-founded strategy, empowering success-driven business leaders to step boldly into the marketplace with a distinct and sustainable competitive edge. 

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