Power Brand Amplifier

Combine the superpower of authentic personal influence with the foundation of a thriving business and exponentially increase your results

Learn how to run your business so that your business isn’t running you!

You’ve built your business brick by (virtual) brick with hard work, and drive. But now instead of having a foundation to grow from, it feels more like a house of cards that might collapse if you take your eye off of it for even a minute. Scaling feels impossible because all it sounds like is more work – and you’re already out of hours in the day and days in the week!

You don’t need more work. You need a different approach.

It’s about turning the business into a self-managing well-oiled machine.

And putting that machine behind the attraction and the strength of a personal trailblazer……because that’s where dreams are created.

There is power in a personal brand.

You want to be out there attracting more people to your business; making more money and helping more people.

But how are you supposed to get out there when you’re stuck inside the daily grind of your business?

It’s as straight forward as our three step process.

First we do a deep dive intensive to determine what will have the biggest impact in the least amount of time for your unique business.

Second, we don’t just create the action plan but we teach you and your team how to do the things that need to get done.

Third, we provide high-touch support for accountability and measuring results in order to absolutely keep you moving forward.

Who is the Power Brand Amplifier perfect for?

Caitlin Penny

Since working with Conquer Your Business, Erin has helped me realized that I am a business owner and CEO. I am not a one-man show anymore. My income tripled in 18 months and now we are on track to double this year again.

Caitlin P.

The Power Brand Amplifier is all about building these complementary assets together for superior results

Power Brand Diagram

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was left blown away with how much Erin could change my thinking in just one hour! You owe it to yourself as a business owner to talk to Erin!

Krystal K.

Power Brand Amplifier

If you haven’t ever spent time with Erin Marcus, you owe it to yourself. You owe it to your business!

Barb H

The Power Brand Amplifier Includes:

Power Brand Amplifier
Nikki Lubing

One of the things that Erin has helped me do is that she challenged me to get out there in front of an audience. Now I'm doing a workshop at a homeschool convention that has 1000s of attendees. And I'm also getting on podcasts, just really getting myself out there in new and exciting ways. I always had those things in my mind, but Erin really helped me to take action

Nikki L.

Are you ready to step into more?

meet your facilitator

Erin Marcus

Founder, CEO & International Speaker

Erin is the chief strategist and thought leader behind not just her own success, but those she has been helping and advising throughout her 25 year career.

Having made the successful leap from corporate executive to entrepreneur and small business owner, Erin uses that experience, along with her MBA education, to help her clients reach heights they never dreamed possible. And have fun doing it!

Her accomplishments have earned her several noted awards throughout her career including, Business of the Year in several different associations, two-time Trailblazer of the Year in her previous franchise system and Employee of the Year during her corporate tenure.

Erin is an international speaker and host of the Ready Yet?! podcast.

Why Choose Conquer Your Business

We empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve financial and emotional freedom by teaching them how to be in charge, take action, and get results.

Founder and CEO Erin Marcus has been mentoring, training, teaching, and coaching for over 20 years. She loves helping people take action they didn’t think possible, do things they didn’t think they could do, and succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Here are just a few reasons why you should work with Conquer Your Business:

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, then you need to work with Conquer Your Business. We can help you create a strategic plan that will help you achieve your goals and build a successful business that you love.