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My #1 Biggest Tip

Today I want to let you in on the singular most effective communication tactic I utilize. It has helped me solve employee conflicts, enabled me to get new clients I didn’t think I had a chance of closing and headed off potential customer service crises. Not to mention how many times it’s gotten me discounts on purchases, a better seat on an airplane and even out of a speeding ticket (or two).

Ready for it?

Be Nice.

Seriously, it’s that simple. And it’s absolutely mind boggling to me how many people do everything they can to avoid it.

Too many people spend their day on edge; waiting for any opportunity they can to be offended. And their response to any perceived offense is all-to-often to clap back with anger and become instantly and emphatically adversarial. Or in a word – entitled.

Just like with so many of the other tactics I share, the key is in the sincerity! It’s hard to pull off being nice if you don’t like people. Everyone can tell the difference between a happy “thank you” and smug appreciation shared through pursed lips.

Which business owner is going to have a higher performing team: The bully / know-it-all or the one who takes the opportunity to get to know their employees and shows appreciation for jobs well done?

You’re a consumer. Who do you like to buy things from: a gruff sales associate who can’t be bothered to make eye contact because they’re too busy to actually pay attention to you ….. or the one with a friendly demeanor who answers your questions and even asks a few of their own to make sure you end up with the right product/service? Now take a minute to think about your own behavior when you approach your potential customers when the roles are reversed.

Being nice heads off potential problems because right from the get-go you create an environment that makes other people comfortable. Remember our bully / know-it-all business owner from earlier – do you think his team is going to proactively point out potential problems to him or do you think they’re more likely to hide mistakes and hope nobody discovers them? The first approach would have helped reduce customer service issues – the second scenario basically creates them!

The nicer I am to people throughout my day the more surprised those people seem to be. Meanwhile, I’m always shocked at the person whose first approach to every situation is being mean. Has nobody ever told them you catch more flies with honey than vinegar?

There’s an added personal benefit of being nice to people. Sure, it helps you get what you want but it also puts you in a better mood. Being authentically nice to other people puts a smile on your face. Take a look at the crowds of people as you walk down the street, through the store, at a restaurant. You can instantly tell who is happy and who isn’t.

You only get one life; personally, I’d rather spend it being one of the happy people. And being nice to people helps them be one of the happy people too. Imagine the snowball effect that could have………….

Erin Marcus is an author, speaker and communications specialist helping people to “Conquer the Conversation,” and create improvement in sales, customer service and team dynamics. To bring Erin to your event or business, visit, email or call 847-868-4464.

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