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Conquer Your Marketing

A private consulting opportunity to build your business in a more natural, orderly way and build consistency across all your platforms, marketing avenues and even into your sales conversations.

Conquer Your Marketing

Are you ready to grow your business? Really grow - doubling your income year-after-year type of growth?

Admit it. You often find yourself doing any old thing to try to market your business. You’ll try this and that in an effort to get the word out about your business and how you can help people. 

Well buckle up, this approach will only lead you straight to the marketing rollercoaster, complete with wild cashflow ups and downs that feel totally out of your control.

Ah, marketing...

It’s a never-ending piece of growth potential that seems to come with a million moving parts. It’s overwhelming and complicated. And when the frustration builds to be too much, it’s also very easy for fear to creep in and stop you from moving forward. 

So what do you do to solve it? You could take one more course or seminar that teaches you a lot but still leaves you with the same problem you had when you started – it doesn’t result in real marketing tactics you can use right now. You still have to do the work, and there are always so many more moving parts to the solution than you were led to believe. 

What if there was a more effective, less chaotic approach?

Welcome to the Conquer Your Business

Conquer Your Marketing

This program is different from other courses because it reverse engineers a process that actually works and then makes sure it works for you!

And we’re not just going to teach you how to do it. You’re going to finish the program with pieces actually in place!

A big piece of the puzzle that’s often missing from other marketing trainings is the tactical implementation of all the moving parts. 

You'll LEARN how to establish or enhance your process and get EXPERT advice to make sure you're on the right path.

Conquer Your Marketing will give you:

From this unique and refreshing process, you’ll walk away with a coordinated, intentional marketing plan designed to move mountains for your business. Join Conquer Your Marketing’s professional partners, led by Erin, as they work with you, hand in hand, to ensure you have real, tangible elements and a systemized client journey. 

What's included?

Your Unique Profitability Plan

The best marketing plan won’t get you the results you want if it doesn’t lead to a great product portfolio with services that are priced correctly. We’ll kick off with a deep-dive into your business strategy and Million Dollar Roadmap.

Your 20-Minute Talk

Create a talk that kicks off your client journey by attracting your audience, and fills your calendar with interested prospects! Learn how to be a thought-leader and leverage your expertise with an education-based approach to marketing that serves as you grow.

Your Conversion Event

Discover your own version of Erin’s tried and true approach to leverage your efforts and enhance your position as a thought leader in a way that will enhance your business’s value to prospects and invites them to people to join you as a client.

Professional Brand Photographs and Video “Taste Tests”

It’s not enough to just “go live” on Facebook. Build “know like and trust” factors with your audience by allowing them to see you in your best expert light. With Erin’s special approach to professional videos designed to kick any camera-shyness to the curb, the credential won’t be just in what you have to say, but how you show up and say it.

Professional Graphic Design

My graphic designer will create a sub-brand designed specifically for your workshop complete with a Canva kit of all the pieces you’ll need for easy promotion of your efforts.

Professionally Written Landing Pages

Let’s make sure all your efforts to grow your audience is backed up with a well written, and engaging landing page that has people excited to come to your workshop!

Email Sequences Programmed Into Your System!

Don’t let the tech stop you! We’ll create the workflows you need to run a smooth marketing system and program them right into your CRM for you! Don’t have a CRM that you LOVE – no problem – we have you covered with an introduction to the amazing team who built the all-in-one platform we’ve been so successful using.

Your Marketing Calendar

Filling an event requires a coordinated and intentional effort. But don’t let that overwhelm you! We will make sure you have a detailed calendar of what to do and when to do it to create the buzz you need for the audience you want.

Extra Bonuses

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