How to Create Empathetic Messaging In Your Business

Speak to your dream customers on a deeper level by creating more empathy in your messaging. Learn how empathetic marketing builds stronger relationships and brand loyalty with these insightful tips.
empathetic messaging

How to Create Empathetic Messaging In Your Business

Speak to your dream customers on a deeper level by creating more empathy in your messaging. Learn how empathetic marketing builds stronger relationships and brand loyalty with these insightful tips.
Creating an intentional marketing plan is important for any business. The goal is for your customer to take action, so of course you want to be intentional about what you put out there. 
But, if you want to level up your business and start calling in more high-tiered clients, you’ll have to connect with them on a more personal level.
One way to do that? Create more empathy in your messaging.
Having empathy doesn’t always come naturally for others. In business, it’s so important to take a step back and ensure that your clients always feel seen and heard. Use these tips for creating empathy in your business to help you connect with customers on a deeper level, resonate with those higher level decision makers and give you the push you need to hit those 6-fig months. 

Stop Trying to Overcome Objections

If you want to get anywhere in your business – whether it be to get more sales or speak more to those higher-tiered clients – then you have to stop trying to overcome any objection that comes your way. Relationship building in business shouldn’t be about overcoming anything, but instead should be about listening and responding:
  1. Listen – Instead of thinking that a client is just complaining or saying “no”, consider that they might be giving you ways to better your business. 
  2. Imagine – Try putting yourself in their shoes to see the problem from their point of view. This will help you to communicate better with your audience as a whole.
  3. Respond – Respond with compassion to help lift your client, not tear them down. And make sure the verbiage is written to their objective and needs, not yours.
Instead of using marketing to overcome an objection (or even a rejection), try to be understanding of their opinions and feelings. I know, easier said than done, which is why it might take a little time and support to really hone into that. 

Sales is About Them NOT You

One thing to remember about being a business owner is that you are there to provide, to offer, to support, to give your customers a solution and value that enhances THEIR life. If you jump into selling just to sell, you’re likely going to get a lot of turned-away heads. 
Think of it this way, we can all tell when a commissioned-base sales person is genuinely trying to sell you something because it’s going to make your life easier…and you can also tell when they just need to make those commissions. 
Find ways to redirect your messaging so that it resonates with those high-tiered clients that you are ready to work with. Acknowledge the emotions that influence their decision making and how they might be interacting with your marketing strategies right now. 
You may also want to consider other factors, like generational gaps or topics that your audience might not understand or relate to, but would benefit from. This can also be traced back to why there might be objections in your conversions.

Emotion is Contagious 

Trust and brand loyalty from your customers is built on an emotional connection. As a brand, you are able to positively influence your customers’ emotions with your own in your messaging. Empathetic messaging can help them to feel one way – calm, motivated, inspired – and take productive action based on those emotions. 
Not only this, but your customers can also feel things based on your brand’s demeanor. How you are showing up and how you are speaking to them can alter the way they make decisions or take action. Before you show up on your social media stories or your posts, check these three things to make sure you are bringing the right energy to your brand every time:

Check your tone of voice

I can be very direct and sometimes that doesn’t come across in the way that it needs to.
Your audience is going to hear it in your voice when you’re not feeling it. Zone into how you are speaking to your audience in a way that resonates with them. 
Hint: This can also be said for your written copy as well.

Check your facial expressions

This one can be hard for me. You’ve heard of RBF? Well I have resting “think” face. I get such a weird expression and tend to look off into nothingness when I’m thinking. Not helpful for connecting! Try to keep a smile and lightness in your face when you are talking, but still be direct with your delivery and maintain eye contact with the camera. This makes you seem confident in what you’re saying and shows that you’re speaking to your audience like you’re standing right in front of them. It also shows them that you are a leader in this space.

Check your visuals/copy 

If you’re using visuals or text in your Reels and lives, be sure that they are eye-catching and bold enough for your audience to see. It’s never fun when you’re having to strain too hard to read something or don’t understand the lingo. 

Empathetic Messaging Is A Powerful Way To Communicate

Empathetic messaging is a powerful way of communicating with your audience on a personal level, building trusting relationships in the process. When your customers feel seen and heard, that’s when things really take off. We begin to see more loyalty and the willingness to invest in your services because of an empathetic influence. Plus, you’ll feel more confident in how you show up in your business and call in the clients you desire. 
For more tips on how to grow your business and conquer your goals, listen to the latest podcast episode.

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